Date posted: July 3, 2015

The most amazing part of my job has to be the opportunity to network with family businesses. That may sound a little trite but this community is overflowing with people who demonstrate daily the best attributes of enterprise and care. This morning’s event highlights this perfectly.

FBA accredited advisers; Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants host a Women in Business breakfast quarterly. Around the table this morning were family business matriarchs and protégés, daughters-in-law, entrepreneurs, a mental health adviser, a bank (which coincidentally is also our wonderful state sponsor) and lawyers who deal with dispute resolution and see many family-business issues that are all shades of the same colour (as well as lucky old me!). As women are inclined to do, the conversation ranged across all manner of business activities, with equally diverse and lateral suggestions and ideas flowing freely and generously.

The empirical evidence supports the validity of what happened this morning. Women on boards and in senior management actively and measurably increase all business indicators: productivity, sales and profit. Having a different perspective when addressing a problem and also having great instincts for balance and fairness, women can make useful and competent contributions to the decision-making process.

Especially in male dominated industries such as the oil and gas industry, stockbroking or the family farm, considering the females when promoting or planning succession can dramatically improve options and outcomes.

Family businesses are uniquely placed in Australia to lead the way. The proof is always in the pudding and this community is able to show just how successful a business can be when managed by the men and women in a family. Making it look normal and commonplace will be an unbeatable argument.

Thanks Catherine, Liz and Erin at Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants for this excellent imitative.

There’s a lot to investigate in this month’s blog, and here’s my number – 03 9867 5322 – just in case you have a fantastic idea, a topic that you’d like to explore further (‘cause if you’re interested then guaranteed others will find that info useful too) or want to share your news with the FBA community.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Nicola McKay
Victorian State Manager