Date posted: March 27, 2015

Kris Henry EO South Australia

It’s finally quietened down in Adelaide it really was ‘Mad March’! I hope you all managed to find some time to see plenty of shows, Adelaide always seems very quiet after all the festivals finish. In April our first course for the year Developing your Family Business Strategy is being held, don’t miss the opportunity to build a strategy that can create a competitive advantage for you. On May 13 The Great Debate is being held at the Hackney Hotel. This will enable you to listen to the strongly differing views about who can share in the family business and why. The session is being moderated by Tony Catt the speakers are Corrina Wright, Toby Bensimon, Kent Aughey and Craig Wilson.

AusIndustry has just released a new training fund which may benefit your business. A skills adviser will come to you and help create a workforce plan that identifies the skills training needed and information required to submit the funding application form. They will also identify any other sources of federal or state funding that can assist all free of charge for more information visit the website

Brand South Australia has launched the 2015 Regional Awards. The awards are held annually to celebrate and showcase the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations that have made a significant contribution to regional South Australia. If you know a regional family business deserving of been recognised as a great business visit the website.

FBA South Australia and the Cancer Council have been meeting and discussing ways on how to promote better health, preventive measures and staying healthy in a family business. Often family businesses can be too busy within the business to make health a top priority, we are hoping that later in the year the Cancer Prevention Team can offer workplace presentations, so watch this space! If you would like to know more about The Cancer Council, please visit the website.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kris Henry