Date posted: September 14, 2016

Such a great win for South Australian Family Business Member, Coopers Brewery who have recently won exclusive pouring rights at the Australian Open for the next five years click here to find out more. 

Most morning’s I join an outdoor fitness group and follow this with a takeaway coffee from my local café. This morning was no different, I always stop at Argos  (an FBA SA Family Business member) to pick up my regular takeaway coffee. This morning I noticed that the takeaway cups were slightly different, and on closer inspection, it is a product of another family owned business (and FBA SA member) Detpak

We are touched in so many ways by family business service and product in our state of South Australia, just in doing our day to day activity. Please let me know your story and see how many other ways we are utilising your product or service in the family business sector.  Which brings me to the work that the FBA SA Chapter are undertaking with the Office of the the Small Business Commissioner. The State Chair Debbie Reed and I will be meeting with John Chapman in latter part of September to establish how the FBA SA can work collaboratively on events and cross promotional marketing. Earlier in the month I met with Nicola Martin from Brand SA to discuss similar opportunities.

We have developed a new calendar of events for FBA SA that covers 2017 and there has been meticulous planning and consultation to ensure we provide ‘take home’ value for all our members.

Our next event, The Value of Family Branding will be held on National Family Business Day next Monday September 19th.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Glenn Cooper, Andrew Killey and Lowen Partridge about the value of Family Branding. We have worked to ensure that there is credible information provided in conjunction with Adelaide University, so please ensure register, click here.

Additionally, on September 28 we are holding an Adviser Connect session at KPMG focussing on the state economy, click here to register.

Until next month,

Yvonne McClaren
SA & NT Manager
Family Business Australia