Date posted: August 3, 2015

If you believe what you see and hear on the news, it snowed in QLD this past month…I didn’t see the snow first hand but I can honestly say that I don’t remember a cold snap like this one for some time… so I sought refuge in my office hovering over my rickety old oil heater that I’ve used a handful of times, to prepare for my first event at FBA – the Hall of Fame Chairman’s lunch.  

A Hall of Fame award represents, celebrates and recognises the achievements of family owned Australian businesses, and the special achievers who contribute positively to our community, economy and culture. With annual Hall of Fame events held in each state, family businesses have the opportunity to be inducted and recognised for their achievements.  

This year, our QLD inductee was Packer Leather, who since 1891 has had five generations proudly associated with the Australian leather Industry. With 70 family business members and supporters in attendance – a record number for QLD, the lunch took place at Gambaro’s restaurant, itself a very successful family business. Graham, Lindsay and Susan Packer represented the family and accepted the award, regaling the audience with their own stories of how the business started, struggled, survived and grew to where it is today. Packer Leather now exports to some 19 countries worldwide and is recognised internationally and held as preferred supplier status with many of the global brands for their high performance kangaroo leather.

TG Family Business Lunch

The Hon Teresa Gambaro presented the Packer Family with their award on the day, and recounted her own experiences of growing up in her family business as well as when she worked at Gambaro’s restaurant itself .  We were privy to many “behind the scenes” stories of working in such an infamous eatery.

Looking ahead, with the end of July comes a very busy August for FBA QLD.  Of course, we have the national conference on the Gold Coast, and we also have our 2 collaborative Chamber of Commerce events (Sunshine and Gold Coasts), and our next Chairman’s lunch will be on October 30 on the Gold Coast. To register for any or all of these events please go to the Family Business website:

I’d like to conclude this month’s update, with an overview of the recent 2015-16 State Budget.  $186.7 million of new funding has been allocated to support business growth and provide a positive economic plan to generate employment and investment in Queensland. With this Budget package, the Palaszczuk Government is focusing on creating an economic environment for strong, profitable and globally competitive small businesses. So for our family businesses that fall under this banner, here’s hoping this family business community will be able to deliver jobs and economic prosperity for all Queenslanders.

Until next month!

Martine Poulain