Date posted: August 10, 2016

Thank heavens for vision of our wonderful athletes in Rio de Janeiro during our winter – it really does make one feel warm just to watch and marvel at their marvellous achievements. I realise how single-minded they have to be to excel at their chosen activity – how hard they train and how many disappointments they face along the path. For those lucky ones who actually get to go to the Olympics, their dream has come true. Yet there are many others who tried just as hard but didn’t quite make the cut. For all of them (and many others – sports people, politicians, artists – the list is long) their successes – and their failures – are very public. Thank heavens they have support people all around them – their coaches, trainers, team mates and families – so many people in the spotlight thank their families for their support, because only they know how much sacrifice has been made to support them in their efforts.

So it is in family business I suppose – the struggles of the start-up – the entrepreneur who sets the whole thing up, the workers, trusted advisers, banks and others who all put their weight behind both the business and the individual, but ultimately, it has to be the work of the entrepreneur that brings the business to life. Then, the responsibility of subsequent generations to keep it successful – even growing. No one can do all this alone – thank heavens for the support provided by skilful, accredited advisers (and thank heavens that you can find them through FBA).

Some of the best support I have ever seen for business owners comes through the wonderful folk at FBA and the Forum Groups in particular – I am tempted to start up my own family business just so I can join a group! If you would like to consider joining a group, it starts with a phone call to me – 0418 901 521.

August is of course National FBA National Conference month – I am so looking forward to seeing you all in Melbourne from 17 – 19. The speakers look fascinating but it is the delegates who really make it a success so come along and spend time with your ‘own kind’ and get inspired again!

Until Spring…

Wendy Foster
NSW & ACT Manager