Date posted: January 28, 2016

We are up and running! We are soo ready for this shiny new year – hope you will all be on board with us for a great year. I hope you all survived Christmas with your families and businesses – if nothing else I would expect that FBA could help you to achieve this small miracle! For me it was 3 days of feasting followed by a week of recovery – terribly indulgent but oh so lovely! 

The return to work in January reminded me of that sense of excitement that I used to have as a schoolgirl – new pens and rulers and a clean diary that I was determined to keep meticulously tidy all year. Somehow that Christmas break and the commencement of a new year makes it seem as if we get another chance to start over and ‘get it right’!

That sense was particularly so this year as I moved into my new office accommodation at Manly. It is very modern and I sit under a clock that shows the time in Silicon Valley!  It is a co-working space and I am surrounded by entrepreneurs doing who knows what! In time I hope to meet them all but so far it is heads down and working away. One man has already told me about his Dad’s family business, so I am in good company. If any of you are ever over this way, please give me a quick call – pop-ins and coffee are welcome!

We have a big year ahead of us and you will see some of our upcoming activities in this newsletter. I can only encourage you to get involved – those who do are those who reap the rewards of valuable connections, the sharing of knowledge and experience, but most of all, the sense of being part of a wonderful group of people – of belonging. So put aside the arguments that you don’t have time for – it is pure procrastination! And if it isn’t, then you need help more that you realise, so give me a call!


Wendy Foster
NSW and ACT Manager