Date posted: March 9, 2017

What a hot summer we had! My thoughts went out to all our members and their staff doing hard physical work in that extreme heat. Would be very interested to hear how you all coped – what you changed or did differently to stay cool. In true FBA style, I invite you to share your secrets and see if you can help others to find creative solutions for extreme situations!

The year is off to a roaring start at FBA. Our event and education program for 2017 is pretty much in place and our Committee is busy ensuring that it all goes well. Click here for a list of upcoming events.

We had a wonderful Family Business Insider – Show & Tell event at Bright Print Group in early February, where we were generously hosted by joint CEO siblings Debbie and John Burgess (Debbie is this months’ Member In Focus – 3 Minutes with…).

About 70 people enjoyed hearing about their business and experiencing the warm and friendly culture that they have created with their staff. The actual printing area was (to my eyes!) huge and we were amazed to learn that it runs 24 hours! Their ability to innovate has kept them viable and competitive in a highly disrupted industry. Very impressive.

Our warm congratulations to our immediate past Chairman – Garry Beard and the whole Beard Family behind the success of A.H. Beard, whose phenomenal business growth in China was the feature of a Channel Nine news story recently. From 36 to 100 outlets in 6 years – there is nothing sleepy about this family bedding business! Click here to see the full story via Facebook.

If you have any success stories please let me know – it is great to be able to share the good times – they lift us all! Here’s hoping for a successful (and temperate…) autumn.

Until next month,
Wendy Foster
NSW and ACT Manager