Date posted: November 30, 2016

It’s been a big year with lots of changes and it is hard to believe it is nearly over! We have a new CEO, a new Committee of 15 dedicated members and there is a new program being prepared for 2017 to keep you all engaged and informed. Greg Griffith has some great ideas about the future of FBA and I am excited to work with him to help grow FBA and to help all members to realise their potential.

Having been at FBA nearly 20 months now, I have met and befriended many members and yet I know that I have many more to get to know still. For me, this is the pleasure of working in associations and the reason I choose this sector. Getting to know and befriend the members is like creating a new family for me, both personally and professionally. I would like to thank our members for the support that you have shown me personally and the faith that you have held in my professional abilities. I take my responsibility to you all very seriously and am always pleased to receive your feedback about what works and what doesn’t. This indicates to me that you feel comfortable enough with me to be open and honest, and that is the way in which I like to work.

I am in awe of the way that you care for each other – in business, family and Forum Groups. I am inspired by your stories of growth and success and share your pain when, despite all your efforts, some things just don’t work out. I envy those of you in Forum Groups – the support that I witness there is unequaled anywhere in my experience – either in business or in life. I congratulate you all for the time and effort that you put in to making your businesses and your families the safe places that I witness. And still – so many of you have time to give back to FBA – our programs, our Committee and to our staff.

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Some key media coverage for 2016:

Lorena and I thank you for your assistance, support and friendship and we wish you all a peaceful and happy festive season.

Wendy Foster
NSW and ACT Manager
Family Business Australia