Date posted: July 2, 2015

Good news! In NSW, FBA has become a member of the NSW Business Chamber, and this brings a whole new set of additional membership benefits for all of you – at no extra charge. If you are a member of the NSW BC independently of FBA, you can now save 20% of your membership fees with them – ask me how!

Some of the new benefits for FBA NSW members include:

  • Discount on comprehensive program of events including many country and Sydney regional locations, check out their website.
  • Business Hotline – 1300 number for instant guidance on just about anything.
  • Free Workplace Advice Line Calls – if you need IR advice, this can be accessed free of charge for FBA NSW members 
  • NRMA benefits – if you have a business membership of NRMA, this benefit can save you money – ask me how!    
  • Quarterly ‘Business Connect’ Magazine – this glossy publication will be added to our FBA library and available for loan to members                                            

View the media release on the affiliation. Please contact Lorena or me if you would like to access any of these benefits.   

In June, I attended the 2-day Directors Course held in Sydney. This was my first chance to experience one of our educational programs, and I was keen to taste the quality and content. There was a buzz in the room with 21 participants from all parts of NSW and interstate. As the session warmed up, participants introduced themselves – and the community began to build. I realised that it does not take long for Family Businesses to get to know each other – you have so much in common!

James Beck was the specialist overall facilitator, with vast expertise in governance, board and family structures. He tied the entire program together over 2 days and made sure that everyone’s needs were met.

Leah Fricke delivered the legal component of the course – small world – Leah was President of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association when I started working there in the early 2000’s. It was a pleasure to see her again and she certainly packed a punch with her presentation!

Leanne Hegarty is an FBA Adviser member from KPMG – she presented the financial component of the program. Her self-set challenge was to make this segment the most dynamic of the 2-days – my gosh she was good!

On day 2 we heard from Karemie Williams – third generation of the multi-million dollar B & W Group. She shared the story of her family business and the solutions they had developed to manage their burgeoning business and multi-faceted family issues over the decades – fascinating!

Was I impressed? You bet I was! I’ve participated in a lot of training sessions and I have a keen eye for engagement – keeping the participants involved and interested. This was as good as I have seen anywhere – quality content, engaging and knowledgeable presenters. I am very relieved – part of my job is to inform members about our courses, and I can’t recommend what I don’t believe. Phew – this is really good stuff and I can genuinely tell people that this is high quality training – go for it!

Did you see the family business article in the Sunday Telegraph in June? Some of our members in here… Family ties: The Aussies who are keeping the business in the family

Until next month –

Wendy Foster
0418 901 521