Date posted: July 2, 2015

Here at FBA we are in research mode. We are holding a series of meetings across the country to ascertain what keeps our members awake at night so we can better design our offer to the sector. We’re checking with non-members too! Thanks to those who have participated in the research work; we look forward to sharing the results with you.

It’s also time for the biannual FBA Survey, conducted by the University of Adelaide, and sponsored by KPMG. This year we are looking especially at the issue of innovation in family business, in light of many businesses transitioning to the next generation. Here is the link to the survey open until close of business 10 July; please participate.

FBA is very pleased that the Budget proposals for Small Business have gone into legislation this month; while we always want more for our businesses, we are pleased that the costs associated with running a business have been recognised, and that the legislation has passed quickly, and with bipartisan support. This acknowledges the importance of family business to Australia’s productivity; we will continue to work for the best arrangements for the sector.

On the advocacy front, the Australian Tax Office has been ‘reinventing’ itself, particularly with regard to private clients. They have been genuinely keen to hear about how they can improve their client service, and provide advice in a proactive way, rather than take a ‘policeman’ role. If you have anything you’d like to bring to the ATO’s attention, let me know.

Our National Conference is excitingly near. We’ve got a great line up for you. My ‘can’t wait’ picks include: Brad Smith, a 27 year old motorcycle entrepreneur who is on the Advisory Board of the Reserve Bank; the Next Gen Masterclass called Entitled Brat or Contributing Leader, which we’re running like a reality TV segment; and our Family Business Master Class covering some ‘how tos’ for more mature businesses: family philanthropy, private equity, and creating a high performing board. I hope to see you there!

Robin Buckham
Family Business Australia