Date posted: September 15, 2016

I recently returned from a trip to Cambodia with my husband. It’s not until you go to a third world country that you actually see the cogs of the family business wheels turning in a way you never would here at home. The family business dynamic is everywhere-from the small hotels, to the corner shops, the markets, and the restaurants. Even our boat driver, shared his duties with his wife and son. With no retirement age or pensions in the country, the family business longevity and success is crucial to Cambodians.

Holiday memories aside, I returned to the busy pre planning of the National Conference, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many more of the QLD membership face to face over the 3 days. The Awards dinner at the conference was a highlight for me. I was so excited to see local Sunshine Coaster, Tim Mobbs, receive the award for the Entrepreneur of the year. His energy is contagious, and I am so happy to have seen him win on the night.


Tim Mobbs, FBA Entrepreneur of the Year 

Since my return back to the office, I have heard nothing but great things about the programme content from the FBA community, so to those who attended, I hope you enjoyed it. Next year’s location will be announced when our new CEO, Greg Griffith, commences in October. I am hoping Greg will make an appearance at our Hall of Fame lunch on November 11, so if you did want to spend some time talking all things FBA with him, as well as hear from the Hall of Fame inductee make sure you register here

With 3 months to go until we start the countdown to Christmas, I am stunned at how fast this year has flown by…and we have so many key and signature events to go, that will take us to the years end.

On September 22, we have our Meet the Owner at Burleigh Brewing, which will feature Peta Fielding, CEO, introducing her immensely successful family business to our membership. On October 12 and 13, we have the FBA Directors Course, a Conversations Series event where we will hear from the Young Australians of the Year, and on 11 November, we conclude the year with our Hall of Fame lunch as mentioned earlier.

As with all FBA events, you can book via our website

Until next month!

Martine Poulain
Family Business Australia