Date posted: September 13, 2016

Most people don’t have a lot of time to spend on their business’s tax and super. Fortunately, the ATO has some new services that can help.

1. Alex the virtual assistant can answer general tax and super questions. Available 24/7 on the ATO website, she’s a great way to get answers without waiting in a phone queue.

2. Web chat allows you to have real-time conversations with a tax officer and it’s available outside office hours, so you can use it when it’s more convenient for you.

3. After-hours call back is handy if you want to speak to someone but don’t want to wait in a phone queue. A tax officer will call you back on the day and time you choose.

4. The ATO app has some great tools to save you time. Easily calculate how much tax to withhold from a worker’s pay, how much super to pay, and more.

5. Voice authentication uses your voice to verify your identity, so you don’t need three documents proving yourself every time you contact the ATO.

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