Date posted: October 20, 2017

Name: Tom Foristal
Business name: Melba’s Chocolates & Confectionery
Business industry: Tourism Retail & Food Manufacturing

What generation is your family business?


What is your role in the family business?

General Manager

What/ who is a major influence for you in the family business?

My major driver is to share and express the joys of my childhood with as many people that care to listen.

Having grown up here at Melba’s and with a middle name like Charles (after my Grandpa) I am a real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I quite literally lived on top of the factory as a boy.

My late mother used to say “Melba’s exists for people to relive childhood memories and create new ones through chocolate and confectionery”, and nothing make my day more than having a bus load of senior citizens come in and hear comments like “Ohh my look at this, I haven’t had this stuff since I was a whippersnapper” (yes, they actually use that word) or to have a group of school children come in and see their eyes almost pop out of their head at the sight of the vast array of treats.

Add to that the first-hand knowledge of the blood, sweat and tears that my parents poured into making what is a loved and arguably iconic South Australian brand, and you have a recipe for drive and motivation.

What keeps you up at night?

The next thing, the next fix, the next idea, the next opportunity, the next problem…. THE NEXT

What’s the key benefit of your FBA membership?

The peace of mind that you are not the only one experiencing the issues/feelings/emotions you are going through, as well as a community of people that you can discuss those issues with that already understand the subtle nuances/differences that come with navigating family in business.